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The tool for recording, archiving, and unlocking the secrets of your dreams.

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15 dreamers remember their dreams

Never forget your dreams again

Dreams without Dreamember

  • Forget dreams shortly after waking up
  • Pay big $ for dream diaries
  • Or waste hours to make one yourself
  • Journaling with handwriting takes too long
  • Physical templates don’t include details

Dreams with Dreamember

  • Record dreams right after waking up
  • Cloud archive with zero weight
  • Carry all your dreams anywhere
  • Access with any phone or computer

It’s like a dream diary but in my phone.

I have a fear of forgetting my dreams the second I wake up, but now with Dreamember, I don’t anymore!!



Serial Dreamer

Remember dreams, just as they appear during your sleep

1. Enter header and content

Select and type in your header and content in the New tab. Your dreams can be short or wildly specific, all up to you.


2. Select the details

Choose how realistic your dream was, plus your emotions and senses you’ve felt in your dream.


3. Save and view your archive

Save your dream. Then head to the Archive tab if you want to see your saved dreams.


Sometimes I couldn’t remember my fantastic dream that I had. But luckily,Dreamember came and save those joyful memories.

Such an interesting way to reminisce those piece of who i could be, a superman on last night, yall heard?


Chi Dung

Daily Dreamer

Make sleep stories closer to reality



  • One-time payment, unlimited dreams
  • See saved dreams anywhere
  • Mobile and desktop ready
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Pay once. Access forever.

Lifetime Dreamer


  • One-time payment, unlimited dreams
  • See saved dreams anywhere
  • Mobile and desktop ready
  • Record the details of your dreams
Get Dreamember
Pay once. Access forever.

Dreams have been a big part of my life, but I just keep forgetting them right after waking up.

Dreamember solved this problem in a simple, convinient way.


Kien Nguyen

Frequent Fantasizer


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work on mobile?

Yes it does. Both on mobile and desktop.

Does it only work on browsers?

Yes for the current moment.

How can I view my saved dreams?

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